Dog Rox

A pair of dogs in Beijing

Beijing dog came from China, the West does not change its characteristics. It is noble and stubborn, and the owner is very close. It is unrestrained, like a King, to let it difficult to instill obedience. Although Beijing has gradually become quiet and good dog temper, but still very fond of playing with. Although Beijing does not have aggressive dogs, but it is never afraid of any threat, no fear and fled. Beijing dog …… Beijing dog is a well-balanced, compact dog, the forerunner of heavy light hindquarters. He originated in China, there is personality, strength, desire. The image resembles a lion. He represents the courage, daring, self-esteem is more than beautiful, elegant or refined.

 size: Beijing dog if raised, then he will find the heavy weight of amazing. He was a stocky, muscular. He component weight is closely related to bone mass with forequarters. Body weight of more than 14 pounds, it can not be ignored. Defects: Body weight more than 14 pounds. Ratio: body length (from sternum to the buttocks in a straight line) slightly greater than shoulder height. Its important to the overall balance.

Head: head boned, broad and flat (not arched). Head high, wide cheek bones, broad lower jaw and chin Kuankuan form the correct facial structure. Observed from the front, the head large in deep, causing head and face of the rectangular shape. Viewed from the side, Beijing dog’s face must be flat. Chin, nose and forehead in the same plane. When the head is in normal position, the plane should be vertical, but in fact is a little like from chin to forehead after the tilt.

Nose: black, wide, and viewed from the side very short. The formation of a very flat face. Nostrils open. The nose is located between the eyes, nose, top of the connection between the eyes just in the middle.

Eyes: very large, very black, round, shiny and the points are open. Color black eye socket, and when the dog look straight ahead, the visible white of the eye.

Wrinkle: very effective in recognizing the face of the upper half and lower half. The appearance of skin folds from the beginning to the cheeks covered with hair, after the middle of an inverted V-shaped extension to the other side of the cheek. Not too full of wrinkles as well as highlight the entire face, not too big to cover the nose and eyes and affect vision.

The stop: Deep. The nose bridge of the nose and wrinkles seems to be hair covered completely.

Muzzle: Very short and wide, with a high and wide cheekbones. The skin is black. Beard added Oriental look. Lower jaw slightly forward of the conflict. Lip flat, and when the mouth closed, teeth and tongue visible. Over-developed and less developed chin chin as unpopular.

Ear: heart-shaped ear, in the side of the head. The right ear position with a very thick head of hair creates the illusion of broader. Any color of the dog’s nose, lips, eye rims are black.

Neck, Topline, Body: The neck is very short, thick, lean shoulders. Body was pear-shaped, and tight. Forequarters heavy, well sprung ribs, hung in the middle front legs. Chest width, highlight the very small or no prominent sternum. Thin and light waist, very special. Dorsal ray. Set on high; curve over the back middle. Long, generous and straight hair ornaments hanging on one side.

Forequarters: forelimb short, thick and sturdy bones. To the ankle bone between the elbow slightly bent. A good shoulder angle, fitting smoothly into body. Elbows are always close to your body. The front feet large, flat and slightly outward. Must be able to stand properly.

Hindquarters: bones lighter than the forequarters. Angle after the knee and hock soft. From the rear, the hind legs close to the right, parallel, straight ahead. The forequarters and hindquarters are required to be healthy.

Coat: body hair: hair long, straight, erect, and there is abundant soft undercoat is fully covered body, neck and shoulders around the mane significant than the rest of the body of the coat shorter. Long and abundant hair ideal, but it can not affect the appearance of the body’s contours, it can not ignore the right of the coat structure. Feather: behind the front legs and thighs, ears, tail, toes have long feather. Hair ornament on the toes to keep, but can not affect the action.  

Colour: allow all of the colors, all colors equally.

Gait: walking calmly noble, slightly after shoulder twist. As the curved front legs, broad and heavy forequarters, light, straight and parallel to the hind legs, so will twist waist for the fulcrum. Twist smooth gait, and could as easily bounce, romp as free.

Temperament: synthesis of the imperial dignity, self-esteem, self-confident, stubborn and irritable nature, but others get their respect and look cute, friendly and passionate. These characteristics are typical of Beijing the perfect dog. Be judged according to their degree of defects.

Defects: Dudley nose, brown or liver colored nose. Light brown, yellow or blue eyes. Exposed teeth or tongue.

Overshot bite style. Twisted. Ear bit too high, too low or by post. Curvature of the spine. Foreleg bone straight.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu interacting with others, attachment and tolerability of strong, confident, smart, loving children and animals, both for support in the cities for rural life. Since the sole purpose of Shih Tzu dogs and family pets as enjoying it basically cheerful temperament, happy, affectionate, friendly and all the people trust, like children and other animals. Shih Tzu dog is an excellent play ……Shih Tzu is a sturdy, lively, alert toy dog, a two-coat, long, smooth. Their Chinese ancestors with noble descent, is a palace pet, the Shih Tzu is very proud, always proud to head up, tail curve over back. Despite the size of Shih Tzu very inconsistent, but it must be compact, solid, with appropriate weight and bone.

Size: the ideal size is shoulder high from 9 to 10 1 / 2 inches; but not less than 8 inches or higher than 11 inches. Ideal body weight of adult dogs 9 to 16 pounds. The length from the shoulder to the root of the tail slightly greater than shoulder high. Beauties can not be too high, long legs into the dog, not too short, like a bantam. Whatever the size, Shih Tzu should be compact, solid and substantial weight and bone mass.

Head: round head and wide, between the eyes open, and the dog’s body size match, neither too large nor too small. Defects: head narrow, the eyes from the past. Expression warm, kind, eyes wide open, friendly and full of confidence. Overall balanced and pleasant expression than other parts are important. The actual quality is very important, game check is the actual head and expression, rather than by shaping the appearance of beauty. Eyes large and round, not prominent, the distance between eyes, looking straight ahead. Eye color is very dark. Dog liver color and eye color light blue. Defects: Small, close, light-colored eyes; excessive eye white. Large ears, ears at slightly below crown areas; long bushy hair. Head cylindrical arch. Only a definite stop. Muzzle short, no wrinkles, upper lip thick, can not be lower than under the eyes. Never downturned. Ideal size is from tip of nose to stop, no more than 1 inch. Of course, a variety of slightly different sizes of dogs. Front of muzzle square; lower lip and chin not prominent, not receding. Defects: no apparent stop. Nostrils large, open. Nose, lips, eye rims should be black, in addition to liver-colored dog is a liver color, blue is the blue dog. Defects: pink nose, lips or eye rims. Overshot bite, jaw wide. Missing tooth or slightly misaligned teeth are not serious flaws. Lips closed, teeth and tongue are not visible. Defects: Overshot bite style.  

Neck, Topline, Body: The most important feature is the overall balance, there is no particular exaggeration. Neck and shoulder on flowing smoothly; sufficient length to permit natural high head commensurate with height and length. Dorsal ray. Short, muscular bodies, no waist or tuck. Length slightly greater than shoulder height. Defects: legs. Chest wide and deep, ribs well sprung, however, not barrel chest. The depth of the chest just below elbow position. From the elbow to the withers, slightly larger than the length and the distance from the elbow to the ground. Set on high, decorated with huge hair, curve over back. Too loose, too tight, too low or the root of the tail position are all flawed, does not meet breed standards.

Forequarters: the perspective of a good shoulder, fitting smoothly into body. Legs straight, good bone, muscle development, separation in the chest, the elbows close to body. Wrist Strong, perpendicular. Wolf claws may be removed. Feet strong, padded, point straight ahead.

Hindquarters: Hindquarters angle should balance with forequarters. Hind leg bones and muscles are developed. Viewed from rear, legs straight. Right knee bent, his legs do not close, but in line with forequarters. Hocks, vertical. Defects: hocks. Wolf claws may be removed. Feet strong, padded, point straight ahead.

Coat: The Maohua Li, double gross, dense, long, smooth, allowing a slight wavy. Head hair is tied up.

Defects: Sparse coat, single coat, curly coat. In order to clean and easy movement, feet, bottom of coat, and anus can be pruned.

Colour: any color is allowed, and all colors equally.

Gait: Xi Shi’s moves straight, the speed of natural, not flying, but also unfettered, smooth gait, smooth, effortless, with good front reach and equally strong rear drive, topline maintain the level of naturally high head carriage and tail carried in gentle curve over back.

Temperament: because the sole purpose of the Shih Tzu as a companion dog and family pet, it’s temperament is basically a cheerful, happy, affectionate, friendly and all the people trust.